How Can I Overcome My Hatred?

by Susan

I am so very afraid for my own salvation, because I hate those who are destroying the world. I know it is to come to pass, but someone please tell me how to love those who are evil. I feel like I am failing.. we are prepared for what is to come.. but I just want to stop these feelings. I pray constantly.. but so far I haven't learned how to love them!

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hate issue
by: Anonymous

That's a good question. I have the same problem myself. Actually, I'm not sure it IS a problem. My family and I got baptized into the mormon church about six months ago, and I am STILL grappling with this issue.
It seems to me evil can't be dealt with unless you deal with those committing it. At our general conference in April, a story was told of a lady missionary having potatoes thrown at her by some vile jerk in the street. She was lauded publicly for just walking away. This response infuriated me because the vile jerk will no doubt do something WORSE to the next missionary he meets because his behavior wasn't dealt with then and there.

You would be wise to overcome your hatred
by: Jennifer

Everyone falls into a trap of Satan at one time or another. Hatred is a big trap and has no place in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you're bitten by a rattlesnake, you can chase after the snake and drive the poison to your heart, or you can sit down and concern yourself with removing the poison.

When you put on your armor of light in the morning, pick up the shield of faith. I imagine this shield constantly reflecting beautiful colors of the rainbow. When someone or something sends me a black arrow, the shield not only protects me, but is sends an arrow of goodness and light back to the one who sent the dark arrow.

You can only fight darkness with light. Fighting darkness with darkness only creates more darkness. The easiest way to get rid of the dark is to turn on the light.

God Bless

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