Green Bean and Carrot Casserole

by Jennifer Willis
(Paradise, Utah)

This food storage recipe is a great way to use your canned carrots and beans.


  • 1 Quart Green Beans

  • 1 Quart Carrots

  • 1 Pound hamburger (optional)

  • 2 T Soy Sauce

  • 1 Small can cream of mushroom soup

  • 6 Cups cooked rice or 2 cups uncooked rice

Cook the Rice. Use the zucchini rice recipe or one of your own.

Layer the cooked rice on the bottom of a 9x13 casserole pan.

Fry the hamburger. When the hamburger is almost done, add the soy sauce and simmer for a couple of minutes.

Thoroughly mix the cream of mushroom soup with a can of water (I use the water that I drain off the carrots or beans).

Drain the carrots and beans.

Mix the carrots, beans, mushroom soup gravy, and hamburger in a bowl.

Layer this mixture on top of the rice.

Cover with tin foil and bake at 350┬║F for 30 minutes.

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