Flu Symptoms Gone in 24 Hours

by Amanda

Several weeks ago I got an email from my children's school letting parents know they had confirmed cases of seasonal flu and swine flu at the school.

Two days later my 13 year old woke up with a headache and a mild cough, but no fever. She went to school and seemed fine. She seemed fine when I picked her up after school, but 30 minutes later was lying on the floor in her bedroom.

I sent her to bed, and when I checked on her again half-an-hour later, she was burning up with fever. Her whole body was flushed and hot, her eyes were glazed over, and her oral temperature was 103.3°. I pulled out my pandemic kit and started reading through the booklet again!

I gave her a package of Emergen-C and poured in a little Arise Ionic Silver. I also gave her 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 and 9 drops of oregano oil in a dissolving capsule. I repeated the Emergen-C and oregano oil at least twice more, but she still looked awful.

By 9 p.m. (fever started about 4 p.m.) her oral temperature was 104°. I was tired and wanted to go to bed, but I was worried about going to bed with her fever that high. She was so weak. She could barely crawl to the bathroom. I wanted to let the fever run its course and kill the virus, but it made me nervous for her fever to be that high. I gave her another dose of Emergen-C and oregano oil and she got a priesthood blessing.

An hour later her temperature had come down to 103°. I went to bed feeling that she was improving. The next morning her temperature was 101.8°, and that evening it was 99.5°. That was the last time I checked her temperature. She said she woke up about 2 a.m. and felt a lot better. I gave her the Emergen-C, Vitamin D3, Arise, and 9 drops of oregano oil 3 times a day for the next few days.

The fever only lasted about 24 hours. She was weak with body aches and a mild cough for about 3 days, and then was back to normal activities again.

When I realized she had the flu (I don't know which strain, I never took her in to be tested), I started the rest of the family on Emergen-C twice a day. No one else in our family of 8 got sick, not even her 4 year old sister who shares the same bedroom. (Although, I gave her a "sleepover" with other siblings as soon as I recognized flu symptoms.) My littlest children still ask me if they can have "some of that not-sick stuff" (Emergen-C!)

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Dec 02, 2009
Working With The Fever Instead of Against It
by: Jennifer

Wow 104°! It takes a lot of energy for your daughter's body to create that kind of a fever. You were smart to work with the fever instead of against it. The heat from the fever was killing a lot of pathogens.

It's a good thing you had the needed supplies on hand, and I'm glad to hear that she recovered so quickly.

This is good information. Thanks for Sharing.

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