De-Population Conspiracy

by Nina Larisch-Haider
(New Zealand)

The "dark" forces do their best ... with unhealthy food, vaccinations, wrong medication, alcohol, prohibiting important vitamins and herbs and treatments, spreading chemicals into the atmosphere, etc. The mental well being of the population is also being attacked with with wrong ideals, showing of crimes, violence in films, etc.

As I understand it, the ruling people only want to have 500 Million people living on this planet. They want to make people sick and keep them sick. Sickness has become a billion dollar business, and they want to get rid of millions of people.

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by: Anonymous

It's interesting how Americans think their government has their best interest in mind. They don't. In fact the governments interests are diametrically opposed to Americans.

If they were interested in what's best for Americans, why do we allow an organization called the Federal Reserve to print our money and charge us for the privilege? Since that is the only entity that can print our money and the money comes with debt, how are we ever supposed to get out of debt?

That is exactly why our governments interests are opposed to ours.

Wake up Americans!

Other depopulation considerations
by: Anonymous

The abomination being pushed widely throughout the world, and by our own government: abortion. Certainly, abortion has killed the lives of hundreds of millions of humans world wide.

Additionally, the wide spread use of contraception, particularly the pill. The lie presented to the world. It's an unatural hormonal cocktail that causes health issues to women and causes depopulation by less births (there are very precise modern scientific methods now to work with the natural fertile cycle of the woman for desired birth regulation : natural family planning). Look at the developed nation's demography where contraception is widespread; there is no replacement birth rate.

Are we the animals that some atheists assert we are?
It seems a though the conspiracy here is there is no birth and no control.

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