Benefits of Oregano

by Jennifer

Six Year Old Son

Six Year Old Son

This past year I was taught how oregano oil benefits the body. I was amazed to learn how useful this one essential oil can be.

For the most part we are pretty healthy in our home, but once in while we get someone who comes down with a cold or flu.

This last summer I was burning the candle at both ends and not getting the rest I needed. I started getting a scratchy, sore throat along with a cough. I took a dropper full of oregano that was diluted with olive oil - 1 part Oregano Oil to 5 parts Cold Pressed Olive Oil. My throat felt much better that day. I did that 3 ? 4 times a day, and it wasn?t long before my cough also went away.

This fall we?ve used the Oregano Oil, Vitamin D3, and Anti-Plague whenever someone starts to come down with something. We haven?t had any sickness last much longer than a day.

One night my six year old came to me in the middle of the night and told me that his cough was really annoying him because it was keeping him awake. I told him that I had something that would help, but it was kind of spicy - oregano oil. He was willing to take what I had to give him. I gave him some oregano oil and anti-plague. I also rubbed his chest down with some respiratory essential oils. He went right to sleep. The next day he was fine.

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