Bath Canner Explosion

by Soledad Ramírez
(Santa Rosa, CA)

Alas! My hours of processing and canning a batch of tomato puree have been in vain. I just took the cans out of the bath canner just to realize that they must have exploded in the bath. As I pulled one by one, there was puree coming out from the top. Perhaps I filled them up too much? I thought I didn't. In any case, is there anything that could be done to save the goods? Could I just scoop out the puree and freeze it? I would hate to see my money and time investment go to waste. :(

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Oct 18, 2010
Fixing the Problem - Overflowing Food in Hot Water Bath
by: Jennifer Willis - Provident Living Today

If the puree is still in the bottles, you can put it in freezer bags, freeze it, and use it later. Throw away any puree that's in the water.

In the future, when the bottled food is finished processing, take the lid off the hot water bath canner. Then let the bottles sit in the hot water for about 20-30 minutes and so they can cool down a bit. If you immediately take the bottles out of the water when they're finished processing, the boiling food will overflow and come out the top.

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