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    The onion benefits the body in many ways. Can onions really help foster a healthier environment in your home and work place? What are the healing properties of onions?

    Here are a few ways that onions can help the body: reduces cholesterol levels and blood pressure, beneficial to heart and nervous system, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, wound healing, scars, acne, insect bites, boils, toothache, earache, allergies, kills parasites, colds, congestion, respiratory complaints, bronchial and gastric infections, hemorrhoids, warts, athlete’s foot, etc. Bottom line is that onions are good for you.

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    I’ve had success in using onions to clear an eye infection and ear infection.

    • The eye infection cleared up quite by accident. I was starting to get pink eye. That night as I was cooking dinner, my eyes got all teary as I cut the onions. The steam from the sautéing onions also got in my eyes. The next day the eye infection was gone.
    • I’ve also used warm onion juice to help soothe an aching ear.

      Puree the raw onion and strained out the juice. Put the juice in a dropper bottle. Do not use the microwave to warm up the juice. Put the bottle of onion juice in a pan of boiling water until the juice is warm. Put a few drops of the warm onion juice in the ear.
    • My favorite remedy for ear infections is the “Hear No Evil” by Trilight Herbs. I’m still using the 15 ml bottle I bought 15 years ago. A few drops goes a long way. I love it!

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    I have used onions before to heal the cold and eye infection and now I am amazed that a simple raw onion could relive me of my hemorrhoids. I peeled the …

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    One large onion either grated in some sweetened orange juice or eaten raw send me to sleep in less than 45 mins.

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