Lid Sealing

. . . Checking for Seal

Lid Sealing - How do you know if your lid sealed?

The lids will seal as they cool. You’ll hear a popping sound when they seal. This is good.

Checking Lid for a seal

After the jars cool, check the lids for a seal by pushing down in the center of the lid. There should NOT be a popping sound now. If you can push it up and down, or if it makes a popping sound, the lid did not seal.

If the lid did not seal, check the rim of the jar for dings and nicks. Once in a while you will get a jar that does not have a level rim. Check for this by turning the jar up-side-down on the table. Look to see if there is a gap between the table and the top of the jar. If so, mark this jar and only use it for storing dehydrated food.

The lid won’t seal if there is food on the rim. This could happen if there was food on the rim before you put the lid on, or if the ring was not screwed on tightly and food boiled out of the jar during processing.

If the lid did not seal, you can reprocess the food within the first twenty-four hours. Remove the food from the jar and put it in a clean jar. Reprocess the food just like you food that hasn't been processed yet.

You may consider putting the jars that didn’t seal in the refrigerator and eating the food for dinner.

Or you can store the food in a bag and freeze it.

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