3 Tips for Vegans to Avoid Nutrient Deficiency

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

One major concern of people who are planning to switch to a vegetarian diet is that they might develop a vitamin deficiency. Since their food consumption is limited so as not to include meats and dairy products, they need to find alternative sources if they want to remain healthy. Here are some nutrients you should watch out for:
1. Iron. According to scientists, the best sources of iron are animals. However, when you are a vegan, animals are the ones you try to avoid eating. So where do you get your source of iron? You could get it in small amounts in wheat and cereal. Make sure that you add plenty of this in your diet to get the amount of iron your body requires.
2. Calcium. Milk is the primary source of calcium. In fact, cow’s milk is the most recommended. But then again, milk and dairy products are not taken by vegans so instead, make sure that you get calcium supplements and foods that are great sources. Did you know that coconut oil can provide you with calcium? Yes, so make it a part of your vegetarian lifestyle.
3. Vitamin B and D. Just like iron and calcium, meat and dairy products are good sources of vitamins B and D. To avoid illnesses brought about by the deficiency of these vitamins, always have a steady supply of green leafy vegetables.
Others who want to make sure that they have the vitamins their body needs take vitamin supplements and injections to enhance their system. You don’t have to give up your vegetarian lifestyle to get all the nutrients into your body. All you have to do is find alternative sources and make sure that you vary the kinds of foods you eat.

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