Are you getting spring fever? Today is one of those early spring days that make you want to be outside.

Are you planning out your garden? As soon as the soil dries up, you can plant your peas. If you want to give your garden a head start, you can start some of your garden seeds indoors. We teach you how to do this. See starting seeds indoors.

You'll find the vegetable planting guide very helpful as you plan your garden. You don't plant your entire garden at the same time. The cold hardy plants thrive during the cool spring weather and can make it through a light spring frost. The semi-hardy plants are planted 2-3 weeks later. A few weeks later you can plant your tender vegetables. The very tender vegetables are planted last.

You can use a wall of water to help extend the growing season for your garden plants. The wall of water creates a little greenhouse around the plants. Hot caps can also be used to give some protection to your growing plants.

Dad's been working diligently on getting all the gardening pages done before spring. Here are some of the new pages that have been added this month: growing beets, growing corn, growing peas, growing strawberries, and growing Swiss chard.

The Rewards Bookstore has had undergone some major renovations. There are so many good preparedness books out there. If you have a favorite emergency preparedness book, we'd love to hear about it. You can write a book review at the Rewards Bookstore.

The #1 Preparedness Guide by James Talmage Stevens is now in the bookstore. You can download four of the chapters for free. You'll be able to see for yourself why Making the Best of Basics is a best seller.

We sure appreciate all of you who have added your comments to the website. Links to these recent comments are posted on the Rewards Blog or you can find links to other visitors comments on the Provident Living Ideas page.

Identifying Real Conspiracies has been added to the website this month. You might ask why I put this on the Provident Living Today website. Because it's important for you to know what you're up against as you prepare and work on becoming self-reliant.

As you read examples of real conspiracies that have been submitted by other visitors to the site, remember that the Lord has commanded us to fear not. Fear is a powerful tool used to manipulate. Go in with your eyes wide open and be happy and optimistic. Do as much good as you can and help prepare the world for the Coming of Christ.

As the website gets bigger its been necessary to reorganized the left hand navigation bar a bit.

#1 You can now access all the links to the gardening pages from the Gardening Vegetables page or the Growing Fruit page

#2 All of the food storage pages can be accessed from the Home Storage button.

#3 We're working on organizing all the recipes so that you can either search by category or ingredient. You can find links to all these garden and food storage recipes on the healthy food recipes page.

As a side note: If you ever pull up a page and it looks like something is wrong in the formatting will you please let me know? Different web browsers pick up minor syntax errors differently. It might look fine on my computer and not on yours. Thanks for your help. We want you to easily navigate and view the information on the site.

You can rate and review the website by clicking on the button. You'll find Provident-Living-Today listed under the "General Category".All Gardening Sites

Let your friends and family know about Provident Living Today and help encourage them to live providently today and prepare for future.

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