The children are back in school and it's harvest time. Hope you are enjoying your fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden.

We are adding pages to the website weekly. We now have 30 pages completed with many more on the way. Make sure to read below about the 20% savings on Spice Traders and Oregano for Rewards E-zine Subscribers.

Here are the new pages that we've added to the website this month:

Fall Gardening Tips

For those of you who want to improve your gardening skills visit our gardening page. We have our main page written with more coming. My dad is working on writing the soil preparation, weed control, and growing garlic pages. You'll need these this fall.

I know most of you are wrapping up your gardens, but there are two important things to do this fall:

#1 Keep weeding. Don't let those weeds go to seed. My dad only does 3-4 hours of weeding a year. Yes, hard to believe, huh? He doesn't let those fall weeds go to seed.

#2 Also, keep piling those fall leaves on your garden. Till them into the soil and pile some more on top. (If you don't have leaves, there are plenty of people throwing their leaves away). Get your soil ready for next year's seeds. Your plants will love it.

Plant your garlic this fall. Garlic is like a tulip or daffodil. They need the cold winter freeze. They'll be well on their way when there is still snow on the ground. You should plant your garlic in the middle of October. We'll have page on this ready to go by the first of October.

Swine Flu - Pandemic Preparedness

Melonie's 65-page Pandemic Preparedness Booklet is now on the website. You and your friends can now download this free e-book right from the Swine Flu Page.


We are teaching swine-flu pandemic preparedness classes and methods of water purification classes all over Utah. In October, Melonie will also be teaching a class in Arizona. Our current schedule is posted on the website under Seminars. Besides the one in Orem, we are teaching one in Logan and Salt Lake. When times and dates are solid we will post these classes.

If you or someone you know would like to post your preparedness class, fill out and submit a Post a Seminar Form

September's Savings Coupon for Rewards E-zine Subscribers.

Save 20% on either Spice Traders or Concentrate Oregano Oil in the Month of September. Use the contact form to submit orders until our online store gets up and running. To get this 20% savings, tell me that you are a Reward E-zine Subscriber. If you want to save on shipping, you can pick your order up at one of our seminars.

Sept. E-zine Order Price ---- Regular Price
1/2 oz bottle is $20.27 ---- 1/2 oz bottle is $25.34
1 oz bottle is $38.29 ---- 1 oz bottle is $47.86
2 oz bottle is $68.32 ---- 2 oz bottle is $85.41
4 oz bottle is $123.14 ---- 4 oz bottle is $153.92
8 oz bottle is $221.50 ---- 8 oz bottle is $276.87
+Tax in Utah

Information on the Spice Traders and Oregano Oil is on page 64 & 65 of the pandemic booklet.

Home Canning

Detailed instruction on how to use a pressure canner and a boiling water canner are now on the site. You'll also find simple canning instructions that anyone can follow on: Canning Green Beans, Canning Beets, Canning Peaches, and Freezing Rhubarb Jam. We'll soon have Canning Tomatoes.

Methods of Water Purification

The water filter and polar pure pages are finished. We just got water pasteurization indicators that you can use with your solar oven to purify your water. A page on this will be coming along soon with a page on our giant water sock.

Food Storage

By following the 10 money saving ideas you can feed your family on $1 dollar a day. With the current economy, we can all benefit by saving a few extra dollars.

If you know of people that can benefit from this website, encourage them to subscribe to the Rewards E-zine. Let them know that this is a free subscription. You are welcome to forward this e-zine to them.

Have a Great Month,


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