Why Home Canned Food Spoils

by Jennifer Willis
(Provident Living Today)

Here are some reasons that might cause your canned food to spoil.

Pressure Canning Methods

  1. Pressure cooker not accurate (incorrect temperature) - should be tested once a year

  2. Failed to exhaust pressure cooker for 10 minutes

  3. Failed to make altitude adjustment

  4. Failed to keep pressure accurate - less than 10 pounds of pressure will not sterilize bacteria in vegetables and meats

Boiling Water Bath Canning Methods
  1. Not having water at rolling boil when jar is placed in canner

  2. Not having water 1" above jars entire processing time

  3. Not keeping water at rolling boil the entire processing time

  4. Not processing for correct time of product being canned

Improper Processing Methods
  1. Failed to take jars out of processor when time was finished

  2. Failed to properly cool jars after processing (1" between jars)

Reasons for Failure in Canning
Utah State University Cooperative Extension

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