Water Water and not a drop to drink

by Melissa Fields
(Middle TN USA)

After many years of struggling my husband and I bought a double wide of our very own. Upon moving in we dug a well. Jackpot, water - sulfur water. The strongest sulfur water I've seen on record.

For 2 years now we "camped" at our house. We have to drive miles to get water, shower, wash laundry and dishes. We don't have the money to pay for city water. We barely have food on the table.

2013 and no running water. No one understands how hard it is. The smell....smell of 1000000000 of rotten eggs baking in the sun. Sulfur can damage your lungs and make you dizzy. Enough exposure can kill you.The sulfur has tarnished my wedding ring, turned pots and pans colors as I have tried to wash dishes. Laundry? We don't have a washing machine or dryer. It would turn a black shirt to ash probably. Bleach, or salt does NOT help. We flush the toilet when we have to. Sending the aroma of eggs throughout the house.

Everyone deserves to have clean fresh water. Camping a couple days is not comparable to it 27/4.

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