The Philosophies of Men

by Stand Resolute
(St Paul, Minnesota)

Specifically, many philosophies have been developed within the past 250 years as a counter to Natural Law philosophy and has permeated modern law philosophy, most of the sciences, the medical industry, economics and civil government.

Natural Law is the only modern philosophy based on a need to understand the existence of God as the "Creator" and "Supreme Judge" (see Declaration of Independence). The worship of God is protected in the 1st amendment by whatever means personal to ones belief system and is terms as "religion" in the Constitution.

Modern philosophies such as secular humanism, atheism, tend to be largely socialistic (Fabian Socialism) and have been developing and growing the past 120 years. This philosophical bent is directly related to Communistic principles and theory of planned population, forced government, and atheistic theory.

The philosophies always remove God from principles of human morals based on Gods will, rights, freedom and liberty.

The Georgia guidestones are a blatant declaration for such a philosophy, the philosophy has been around 120 years and has been willingly promoted to governments around the world.

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