Practice, Practice, ...... Try it out.

Using Your Emergency
Water Supply Everyday

by LB Pratt
(Spanish Fork )

True Story,

I moved to my little very old farm house. I was pleased with the multitude of Clorox bottles of water marked "utility water" that was stored in the flooding but still usable basement. I planned immediately that this is a perfect solution if we had no water and needed to still flush the toilet.

First.... My new conservative toilet that was sooo smart to only be able to flush with a gallon and a half....ha ha

Camping is one thing but carrying on in your own home, I found to be totally different. First, you are in a familiar environment...Good old habit kicks in without you even realizing it. I was amazed how often I tried to use the water. After the first trip to the basement to lug up two gallons of this precious water, and waiting as it glugged, glugged, glugged. It seemed to take the whole day just to deal with one bathroom job.

Flushing is a habit....and habit didn't remember to refill the toilet tank.

The second time you go to the bathroom and habit flushes the toilet. You are in for a reminder.. The remaining water fills the toilet bowl till almost overflowing. (This is scary!) To fix this you have to use four gallons of that precious stored water. Yes I said 4.

My tip: Get 2 gallon (8 qt.) buckets or pans with a bail type handle. This was so much easier. A five gallon was just too heavy for me to lift. Having 4 gallons at one trip was great. Once the toilet is re-set, the second bucket is there waiting for the next need. I pre-collected water in 5 gal buckets and other containers from my surface well so it was readily accessible.

You may have a very different solution when you need to actually use your stored water.

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Using Your Emergency
Water Supply Everyday

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Outhouse versus flush
by: Art

If one has the property, I'm thinking the old out house is the way to go for a crisis. I'm going to research it. I see that the national parks are installing some effective "cleaner" outhouses. Any comments?

Forming New Habits
by: Jennifer

It takes about two months for new habits to form. After the adjustment, the new way of life seems quite normal.

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